WiXkill help





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First step

WiXkill start automatically when installation ends. You acces WiXkill menu directly from its  Systray icon. WiXkill is started every time you logon under Windows. This behaviour can be changed from WiXkill Settings.

WiXkill instalation add few shortcuts inside Windows start menu. Those shortcuts launch WiXkill features when WiXkill is not started at logon time. Those features are avaiable when WiXkil is started to.

Short key

If WiXkill is not started, WiXkill main function can be started using key combination CTRL-ALT-X.
When WiXkill is started (WiXkill  icon is shown inside systray) pressing simultaneously WIN-ALT-X keys start kill function.
During window tracking process, you can press at any time following key combinations to temporarly change kill method:
Left-CTRLALTSHIFTHide window
Left-CTRLClose window,
ALT = Exit thread,
SHIFT = Kill thread (except for Windows 98),
Left-CTRL + ALTKill process.
 (SHIFTALT or Left-CTRL + SHIFT = Kill process)
Pressing Right CTRL key show process ID instead of process name.
Under Windows 98, this feature is achieved using SHIFT key.

To download WiXkill click here : WiXkill